Kingdom of peacocks // Map

Map for the book. « Kingdom of peacocks II »
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« Dayjur’s success has made him a marked man. With authorities from across the land hunting him down under the orders of Queen Yalda, it is his popularity among the people that has saved him from their dungeons thus far.

But his luck is about to run out. Despite his ability to keep crime in the Kingdom of Sarai under control, he doesn’t suspect that chaos and disruption will arrive from an unlikely source and a loathsome and devious cobbler suddenly makes all Dayjur’s success seem irrelevant.

Now the masked pirate must walk a dangerous path, with the line between heroism and vigilantism getting thinner by the moment. As Dayjur’s men become restless and careless, it results in an attack by Jawad’s forces and their capture by Queen Yalda’s Night Owlers.

Dayjur is left with no choice but to mount a daring rescue mission if he is to save any of his surviving men from the confines of the Queen’s prison.

But does he have the strength to successfully free them and exact the revenge he seeks? Or has he sealed the fate of his men for all time, by enlisting the help of the dangerous psychopath, Shukr? »